The Sankyu Group, since the establishment in 1918, with the guiding principle of “valuing people“, Sankyu have carried on corporate activities stretching over 90 years, while maintaining a sense of appreciation

(the company name originates from the English expression “thank you”).

"Thank you" is our spirit...
SANKYU Inc. Corporation Profile

Amid the need for optimization in all facets of industry whether in Japan or Globally, the Sankyu Group has established an optimal solutions system, through which Sankyu can offer the clients the systems they require by capitalizing on the precise operations and wide ranging experience in the field. This has been as a result of the unique business expansion, blending logistics with plant engineering and installation. Sankyu is enterprising to be the No.1 Service Provider worldwide. Reliable engineering and networks, consulting ability… by utilizing these values created in the field, the Sankyu Group will link trust to the future.

Sankyu has been successfully conducting overseas business for over 40 years, since the inauguration of Sankyu Singapore in 1971. Sankyu has 39 Domestic branches, 44 Domestic Company and 38 overseas subsidiaries. Approximately 40,000+ well experienced Sankyu people are positioned worldwide, fully supporting our customer’s diversified needs.

  • Solid Handling Project – YASREF

    Also in 2013 SANKYU start a new project with YASREF Company, which is a Solid Handling project. This project considered as the first project for the Operation Support sector.

    General Maintenance Project - YASREF

    In 2013 SANKYU started a new project with YASREF Company in Yanbu area, this project is a General Maintenance for YASREF industry.

  • Logistics Operation Office

    In order to the business growth SANKYU Saudi Arabia established a new branch office in Al Khobar city. This office is based for the Logistics Services Operations.

    General Maintenance Project - SATORP

    In 2012 SANKYU succeed to have a new project with SATORP Company located in Jubail area, this project under Joint Venture agreement named SANKYU ARCC Arabia Co.

  • Polymer Plant Maintenance Services

    As first project in Saudi Arabia SANKYU has started its business with Petro Rabigh Company “Petrochemical Complex” by signing the contract of “Polymer Plant Maintenance Services”. Since 2008 SANKYU is providing the maintenance services with high level of standard and quality assuring the awareness of SANKYU about the Plant Engineering Services.

    Establishing of SANKYU Saudi Arabia

    In May 2008 SANKYU has established its business in Saudi Arabia as first subsidiary in the Middle East region. The company was named “Sankyu Manar (Saudi Arabia) Co.”.

  • First Overseas Subsidiary

    SANKYU has expanded its business worldwide starting from the first overseas subsidiary in Singapore. SANKYU Singapore was established in 1971, and since that time SANKYU targeting to be a Global Company.

  • Founding of SANKYU Inc. by Seishichiro Nakamura

    The SANKYU Group has been established in 1918 by the founder of the company Mr. Seishichiro Nakamura, SANKYU began operating as Transportation company while providing domastic transportation services within Japan.

    The company was named SANKYU Transportation Co., Ltd.


" SANKYU's Three Mottos "

" Kogen Jikko "
Publicly Proclaim and Execute

Set one’s goals high, make them public, and do one’s best to achieve those goals.

“ Jimon Jito “
Ask questions to yourself and answer them

Always stand in other person’s shoes when thinking, so that a self-centered view can be avoided and a correct view will become visible.

“ Kansha “
Be thankful

Never forget to be thankful to the people around you.  “Thank you” is also the origin of our company name.

Latest projects

  • Polymer Plant Maintenance Services - Petro Rabigh
    Polymer Plant Maintenance Services - Petro Rabigh
    Plant Engineering
  • Solid Handling Operation - YASREF
    Solid Handling Operation - YASREF
    Businees Solutions
  • General Maintenance Services - SATORP
    General Maintenance Services - SATORP
    Plant Engineering

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