Sankyu helps improve our clients’ productivity in the plant with such services as the transportation of raw materials, intermediate materials and internal products, as well as line operations, process control and warehouse management. We provide high-quality and high-efficiency operations support by fully utilizing the operational technology and expertise that we have accumulated over many years. We also propose solutions for building optimal logistics and production systems, always seeking to strengthen our clients’ competitiveness.

Operations for Clients

The Sankyu Group views production from the client perspective, and builds systems in which all incidental services can be managed centrally, from the receipt of raw materials to the transportation off final products. We staff provide highly functional services such as “efficiency, safety and environment” by demonstrating our advanced specialized technologies in each of the operational departments.

We also introduce new technologies that can help improve productivity in a way that suits our clients’ circumstances, and we cooperate in strengthening our clients’ competitiveness. We are confident that the long-term close cooperation with our clients will build new technologies and systems, and we guarantee rapid progress for our clients’ production departments.